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Latex antioxidant
Coating antioxidants
Rubber antioxidants and Plastic antioxidants
Silicone free antifoam
Absorbable dusting powder USP
Modified corn starch for glove
Dispersing agent
Naphthalene free dispersing resin for single dispersion,composite dispersion and paint or coating
Fluid loss additive
For high temperature high pressure deep sea drilling
Polymer coatings
Online polymer coatings for NR and NBR gloves
Processing oil
For rubber industry
Pigment paste
For latex and rubber industry
Silicone emulsion
Silicone emulsion for latex and rubber
Nitrile latex stabilizer
Kumho Nitrile Latex
High Tensile nitrile latex for the glove industry and other latex dipped product
Full range of waxes for rubber and tyre industry